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good evening all ! tonight we talk in English ok ? before that , i wanna say . i am not really pass in English . my sentence just not pretty well . im still learning . if im wrong , please correct me ok ?

ok ! now let me start my activities . in afternoon , i just did my bored activities . i singing ! HAHA . can i sing pretty well ? hm . let me think about it .............. ok ! i can singing . but still sumbang-mambang laa . so , im sorry if my voice sound bad ok ? my mom want me to learning vocal . but im too shy . i brave to sing infront my family and friends only . actually , if i have chance to choose what kind of intstrument i peek to learn , i will choose PIANO . OMG ! i really addicted to learn it . im get jealous if i see someone play it . why i choose PIANO because , i can enjoy singing with it . otherwise , maybe i am proud cause can play PIANO .

then , i arrange my book follow my schedule for tomorrow . i got BI , SNS , BM , PSK , and MATHS subjects for tomorrow . Bahasa Melayu ! oh GOD ! i have fell in love with this subject since in form 2 . why ? i love it because i like the way my BM's teacher , Cikgu Azmi B Shazinan teach us . i really enjoy with the subject . He have a funny and experience story to tell us . if can , i want he to teach us in tuisyen . if his period got , i will full pay attention to him . he have target 40 persons got A in BM . i will study-hard to be the one of the A's person in BM !

Mathematics , i love the subject too . but not as much as BM . hehe . sometimes i lazy to studying or make revision of this subject . but i have to do it if i want get straight A's in PMR . hoho . i didn't finishing my Maths's homework . i dont know how to do it . i scare if my maths's teacher CIkgu NoorLiyana Abdullah mad me if im not finish it . i will try my best to finish my homework .

tomorrow is school day and im still not ironing my uniform . otherwise , im still not polishing my shoes . oh ! i forgot to Mandi Wajib and cut my nails ! Astaghfirullah --' . hm , tomorrow after back from school i will done it .

ok , i have to go now . i wanna do all my works that im still not finished it . take care you all !