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wow! dua entri hari ini.
ada mood pula aku mahu menulis malam-malam ini haa.
okay, based on the tittle aku akan story pasal Besties.

susah lah mahu cakap.
kadang-kadang ada juga besties yang depan baik belakang buruk.
the best word for it.
but, yang buruk itu kelemahan dorang.
dan yang baik itu kebaikan dorang.
kita harus accept dorang apa ada nya ;)

Story of my besties.

NorMaisarah Sabarudin. Sara for short.
she is very difficult to understood.
sometimes, i have struggle time with her.
but, we fix it in fast we can do.
because, if one of us not hangin' together,
someone gonna feel bored ;)
she is very sensetive but can keep secrets tightly.
i love hanging with her.
all my secrets keep safe with her.
if i have a problems, i always talk to her.
she's easy to fall in love.
and the most important.
we are so close like a siblings ;)

Junalita Zulkifli. Jun for short.
she is sporting, outgoing, crazy, naughty.
she always make a stupid joke. HAHA
in fact it is not funny, we always laugh as much as we want.
i love be with her.
she's cool and always cool.
i love to bully her because she is tiny. HAHA
but, Sara and me rarely hanging with her.
because she rarely hangin out.
she love to be at home and calling her hubby.

Norafiqa Yunus. Piqa for short.
haaa! this girl i gonna talk about.
she's tall. she is the most tall girl in our class.
she always got a highest mark in PAI.
she is sensetive.
so we have to be careful. HAHA
she have many story to tell.
and she is Piqa, intelligent in all subjects ;)

Dg Siti Shafiqah Ag Salleh. Dayang for short.
oh man! i only got negative statement of her. HAHA
just kidding.
she is a good girl. easy to laugh. easy to mad --'
she is pretty fat. but not to fat okay ?

Nurul Farhana Roslan. Nurul for short.
she is weird. she is so quite.
but! she is intelligent okay ?

all my besties is the best lady in my life. i share my happiness & sadness with them.
without them, my life mean nothing.
Besties , i love you as much can i say ;)