story for today ;)
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Assalamualaikum ?
hello there.
huh. im pretty tired laa today.
so many things happen with quickly.
´╗┐so, let us read my story for today ;)

at School.
*kring kring kring
oh damn! i was late again! HAHA
walk with steady meady + cool ;p
(i always being late everyday)
walk to the 3 Siddiq Class.
put my bag and files.
talking to my beloved besties.

Then, Miss Claire come in.
ThankGod, i wearing Pjk's shirt ;)
my classmates and I walking happily to go to netball's field.
we play netball. as usual i'll be a WA.
sorry friend, im being too rough.
dont mad okay? im just wanna fun ;)

oh, teacher Noraineh came lately.
the class make noisy too loud.
teacher Noraineh give us task.
we play. we laugh. we talk.
she's yell to us.
OMG, im scare, my body was shacking!
promise, i never do it again ;)

before that, in Pai periods we have got injection.
i dont know what it's use for --'
it's not hurt, it's cool. HAHA
then, we just learn about Hisab.
i love Pai, it make me MUHASABAH diri ;)

hm, it's boring.
Cikgu Sahin just checking our Kerja Kursus.
i got many wrong. but it's okay.
i'm gonna fix it as fas as i can.

i went to UBK (unit bimbingan kaunseling)
just fill the quest for make a date for tomorrow.
i got many probs to share.
Cikgu Zuriani, please be ready. HAHA
Teacher Madonna want us to draw and colour of
Poster Anti Dadah.
OMG, i'm not finished it.
sorry, my arts doesn't work.

*kring kring kring
YEAH! home. in my head just food, food and food :D
but, my besties and I went to Juna's house.
at 5pm we back home by Sara's car.
we just hangin'.
cook by ourself, eat and eat.
Juna, Sara, Fifiey and me ;)