♥ 20 reason why i love him ♥
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assalamualaikum guys :)
good morning. have anice day.
today i want to share about why the because i love him.
who's him? who who who?
LOL. of course my only DaFee  ♥
yeahs im gediks. so?
*menyampah? just click X at the top bar. thanks*
haha. thanks for continued ;)

okay. last night, we are calling until 2 a.m
actually, i dont want to off it, but he's so sleepy.
so, im just let it. :((
haha. we have a nice talk kan DaFee?
u laugh im laugh :D
sorry, if i talk to much.
it's already me. ngeehehe.

ehem. ehem.
now, i will give the reason why i love him.
*tweet tweet tweet*

firstly, i love him because:-

he's TALL ;)
 ♥ ngee. i love sangat-sangat. i dont like short boy. sorry, bukan menghina.
but, i think im tall too. not too tall la, just 159cm if i remember.
so, i like the tall boy. DaFee is tall. his cm is 172cm. yeah ka DaFee?
i forgot laa. haha. around that la bah kan?

secondly, i love him because:-

he's TAUGH ;)

 ♥ haha! lol. dont think i love him because his body. NO NO NO.
but, i just love his muscles. big one maa. haha.
im feel like wanna touch it! gahahaha.
*oh yeah. ini bukan entry lucah okay? so keep reading*

thirdly, i love him because:-


 ♥ yeah. i love this one. he's intelligent. dont believe? up to you la.
he's got 7A in his PMR last couple years.
freackin' genius right? haha. im really really want him to teach me.

fourthly, i love him because:-

his VOICE ;)

 ♥ oh insane! oh crazy! best oh his voice ;)
i love it. like sexy ne his voice haha.
pandai serak sometimes. best eii. hahaa.

fifth, i love him because:-

his SMILE :)

 ♥ oh im really love love it. i like his smile.
monkey smile! haha. big big big smile.
yes. keep smiling ya DaFee ;)

sixth, i love him because:-


 ♥ haha. he say he moody when i say like that.
okay sayang, rambut kemas bah kan? haha.
yeah la,  know my taste is weird. but, hair like that
kemas apa? hihi.

seventh, i love him because:-

he's CUTE :o

 ♥ his eyes like a sepet. but, i ask hi if it is he said no.
alalaala. never mind laa. u will be more cute if u smile
like a monkey smile. big big big. HAHA

eight, i love him because:-

he's a BIKER ;)

 ♥ yeah, i love boy that can bike a motorcycle.
macam, smart ne. haha.

nineth, i love him because:-

he's can SING ;) lalala ♫♪

♥ haha. last night, i suruh dia nyanyi. but he say "i dont want"
bah, heartbroken la kunun me ne. last last,
while he playing game i heard he's singing.
haha. i not sure what song that he sang. but he's singing!
lol. not bad oh his voice :) almaklumlah suara sexy. haha

tenth, i love him because:-

the way he TALK.

♥ haha. he's bruneian. but, his brunei weird ba.
how to explain eh, macam slow ba dia talk.
one per one his word. but best laa, im understand what he talking about.

okay. okay. stop sampai sini. keep reading my blog.
cause im just give a half or reasons why i love him ;)
wait for the ♥ 20 reason why i love him-PART II ♥
see ya ;))

P/S: DaFee, it is just for fun okay? jangan ambik hati. u open minded bah kan? but i meant it okay?

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