Day 1 - Ten things about yourself.
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Here we go baby! These are ten things about myself.

  • My full name is Nurfazieha Chin binti Tuinin.
  • I have six nicknames. they are Zhyzhy, Azie, Ahmoi, Sembui, Kitty, and Beb.
  • I have three account of Facebook. They are Zhyzhy Chin, Zhyzhy Cikibumbum and Zhyzhy Sembuii.
  • I have two account of Blog. The old one I forgot the password -.- So, I choose to make another new.
  • I was yellow-skin color. But now? Light brown-skin color. In whitening face mode.
  • I love to eat, eat and eat. My friend called me as "dustbin".
  • I have no ambition. I just want to be a billionaire.
  • I can bike motorcycle.
  • I love to shopping, but I always in window shopping. Perghh -.-
  • My weight is 53 kg and my height is 161 cm. (I guess so about the height, but I think it have increase)