✪ How to use BLOGSKIN
POSTED ON 15 November 2011 AT Tuesday, November 15, 2011 \ leave a comment (0)

Hey darla ;3 I wanna do tutorial now, but before that let's give a clap hand to the owner of this tutor. Okay, what is Blogskin? Blogskin is a template that's not using ADD A GADGET, it's just using CODES. So, make sure you are master in codes. Now, let me teach you how to change your template to Blogskin.

First step;

Design >> Edit HTML >> Scroll below until the end >> click REVERT TO CLASSIC TEMPLATE

Second step;

Delete all codes >> Choose a new one HERE  >> Download >> Copy/Paste

Third step;

Preview >> Looking good? >> Save!

Okay then, edit code that you should edit. But beware don't delete any codes! It will make your blogskin damage.