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Hey everybody! 14/November/2011 was the best day in November. My classmates of 3 Siddiq and I hang out together for celebrating Zaza's birthday. Happy blastday girl! Hope all of your wishes came true ;)

Okay, didn't my blog look great? I have been searching all this time for Space Blogskin. Now, I have found it! Review the credit to know the editor more ;) 

Oh yeah! Just now, there's someone named Guest at my chatbox said that I'm slut because of being boyish. Wow! Look like my hater is increase. Well baby, I didn't care what you talk about me. I'm proud of I am. Booyah! Hahahaha.

Okay, that's just for now. I'm in missing mode to Ejal and my dearest friends. Wish can meet all of you soon!

Sorry for broken English! I'm still learning dude.