In a progress to make a contest..
POSTED ON 16 December 2011 AT Friday, December 16, 2011 \ leave a comment (1)
Why are you so gentle my Arthur? Heheuw :3

Hai everybody! Okay, actually I'm pretty jealous with my friends who make a contest gempak sana sini. Wihii! Seriously, aku pun nak juga buat T.T

Hadiah dah difikir-fikir, tengah cari sponsor lagi. Awak nak tak jadi sponsor saya? Nak lah nak lah. Okay, gedik dah. Haha! 

Okay, I promise I gonna make a contest. But now, I'm still thinking wanna make a contest about what? Hii. If you interested to be my sponsor just tell me at my Cbox okay? I'm waitingggggg!