Hello School!
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Hello everyone!

Okay, seriously I'm not ready to schooling again. I'm tired being asking how many A's I got in PMR. Grr, I know, I disappointed many people included myself. I was ashamed by my result. Friends? I don't know who my friends in school. I wish my boys still friends with me. Hoho.

Have you iron all your school uniform? Tie your shoes? Wrote name on your books? And wake up early? Seriously honey, I'm not readyy. Alololo, by the way. What class gonna I get in? Science stream? Literature? Business? I don't know.  T__T 

Talk about yesterday, I can't sleep without hearing his voice. I called him around 3 am, just to hear his voice and sleep through the phone. Yeap, I'm shooo manja. Bahahaha! He said "maybe my phone will be taking by my father.." Okay, I'm ready to crying all night, no mood to talk or even eat. Baby, please don't leave.

Just now, I have submitted new skin in Blogskin. Wanna view? Here there are..

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