My First SOTD!
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Hello everybody! I'm so happy today because my skin being SOTD! fuyooo. It's my first skin actually, so I'm very-very happy. I know it is ugly, messy, blablabla. But maybe it's my faith to get the SOTD. Thanks all for rating and comment. Wanna view? Click here SOTD.

By the way, it's my first day being a form four student. How I feel? errrr... Nothing special for now, we just listen to motivations and playing around. I got news that I was chosen to learn in Science Stream Class. A big surprise for me! Cause my result PMR is not good enough.

Maybe tomorrow I'm not going to school. Pretty lazy! That who I am and I'm not proud of it at all. Haha! On Friday I must going to school cause Students will be divided to class according PMR examination results. Luckily I'm in Science Stream and we will given text books.

In recess, I meet a defective form one student. Poor to him, sat on wheelchair with no legs. I asked him many questions, haha. And I know he was disturbed by me. Good, his friends help him walk back to class. Again, I meet a cute girl named Nur Anis Syuhada! Very-very cute. She has long eyelashes and concave too. Wah! Hope can be my adopt sister. Wihii.

What want to say again? Oh yah, I MISS EJAL :)

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