Reborn Like Usual
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Hello! Urgh, I hate this blog like seriously. If I have to sell this blog, I would sell. Price? Rm400 because my blog have 400 followers, hehe.. \jokes/ My title quite horrible, I know. Actually, I have deleted this blog but I re-open again, cause Ejal want me to keep blogging. Arghhhhhhhhhhh.. =w=

How your school student? ececeh... Mine? Err.. Everything fine except homework. Yaa, I dislike homework so much. I'm feel so bored with Biology and Mathematics subject. If I can studying in Literature Class. Ehh, I wish.. For now, I'm in love with Chemistry and Additional Mathematics. Physics? I don't recognize it.. 

"Baby-baby jangan kau marah, sebab ku tolak.." I have to tell Ejal about this. But I don't have a strength to tell him. I can't decline school prefect offer. Even, Ejal and my Baba didn't want me become a school prefect, I have to. Ohmaigad. I love being class monitor, can I be class monitor and school prefect in the same time?

Don't be so cruel lah Zhyzhy. My birthday blog is coming! Wish me wish me, hehe.. Lovya!

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