"Catch me" - Fanfic - Characters - Synopsis;
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Assalamualaikum and hi,

since I don't have any idea to type any word in here, I'll try to make an English-Korean fanfiction. \lol/ Starring; Park Bom (2NE1) and my bias Taeyang (Big Bang). Well, enjoy my imagination. And please, do comment after read. Sorry if any grammar error -__- Based on true story LOL.


Character and Characteristics

Park Bom- Most known as Bommie, 16. Wears a spectacle. Trying to not to fell in love with man. A prefect in Seoul High School. A science stream student in Class of 4-1. Choosy, and easy going. Hardly to understand her and herself. Friendly and really loyal to her best friends and love to give advice.

Sandara Park- Well known as Dara, 16. Close friend to Bommie. Schooling in same school with Bommie. Seat besides Bommie in class. Live near to Bommie's house. Shy and mute. Always in trouble of love. Kind, and pretty. Hard to find a soulmate like she wants. Easy to give up.

Dong Young Bae- Mostly known as Taeyang, 17. Schooling in Seoul High School, class of Science 5-1/2. V-Shape body. Six pacts, and nice abs. A prefect too. Love to cut his hair. Sporting, and easy going. Romantic, loving, and patient in relationship. Playboy for sure.


Bommie felt so upset after her ex keep disturbing her. She want to tell her problem to Dara, her most closest friend, but she can't because of her history with her ex. Dara keep searching for her dream guy but always broken heart in love. Dara loved to ask an advice from Bommie, since Bommie got some experiences in love.

One day, in Sport's day. Bommie borrow a DSLR camera from her junior to snap some scene. Then, she's meet Taeyang. Bommie love to disturb him, but Taeyang keep running from her.

After a few days, Taeyang try to flirt Bommie by ask for her Facebook. Bommie gave, and they're chat (IM) to each other. Then love story of them begin with sweet and sad moments.

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