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I'm sorry for hurting you. I'm sorry for not pick up your call. I'm sorry for not reply your text. I'm sorry for all my mistakes. I apologies. 

Dear Crush, 
I'm sad. I'm hurt. I'm broken. I'm stress. I'm disappointed. I know our relationship is getting worse day by day. I know. I'm the one who started it. I'm ego. I'm emotional. I'm bad. I'm so sorry.

Maybe your decision is good for both of us. I think you make the right choice. I know you have to. Never mind. I understand. This is the right moment.

You are busy with your SPM. I'm busy with my social internet \hehe/ 

Well, I pray the best for you. I know you can success. I know you can be happy without me. I know your life more perfect without me. I know you can find someone better than me. 

I'm sorry again. I will not meet you at canteen tomorrow's morning. I will not answers your call again. I will not text or reply your message again. I will try to not to bump with you at school. 

This is the best for us. Jodoh tak kemana right? Take care. 
I love you