Hello September
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Assalamualaikum. Hi! I'm back. Lol/

Good afternoon everyone. It's September now. Well, it's not too late for me to wishing you guys a happy September right? In this entry, I want to list down all my wishes. Wohoo! I'm very excited of this month. Cause this is my born month. Hehe. K go through.
  • More focus in Study
  • Make revision everyday
  • Do my homework \lol/
I think it's enough, hahaha. Well, I'm such a lazy very lazy girl ;__; 

This year, my education is literally run down. I got no.5 in class, and no.6 in form. Lol -.- I am so ashamed with muhsef. I want to move out from my school, and move in to school who have hostel. I think it is good for me but my parents don't. 

K, I try to update my blog every week. Hahaha. EH, I'm more active in Twitter. 

Bye x