Le' Busy Week...
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Assalamualaikum people! 

Yo how you guys duin' I'm pretty tired this week. Like a seriously. 

I have to think about our choir's song and how to present it. The competition is next week on Saturday. My classmates and I are still don't make any step. I hope we are gonna win this competition at least in top 3. \hehe/ But'em how to win it if some of my boy's classmates are hard to manage. Erghh.. I hate it if people don't give any corporation. Don't chu?


On the same day (day of choir's competition) me and my other four friends will make a show for Independence's day. We have to represent back of our acting of Rukun Negara. Yo I already forgot my script. \m/ 

Oh yeah. 

Teacher Azalina called me at this evening. She told me she got Chicken Pox. How poor :( And.. She told me Jabatan Penerangan want us to acting back (like above paragraph). Err... I am so nervous. The show will be showing at Dewan Serbaguna Papar this Saturday and it's rehearsal at Friday. Wae wae wae! 

End of this September, we will sit for end year's examination. And I don't make any revision until now. Our syllabus is not completely done. I'm screwed -.- 

Okay, got to go. 

Sorry for the broken English/Grammar.
Practice makes perfect \m/ 

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