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Morning people! Hawaya guys? 

Next week dah exam. Hm.. So this is my last week to do revision for all nine subjects. For Bahasa, English, Biology and History, InsyAllah I'm ready for that. But the rest subjects? Hell no. But'em I try and enforce myself to done my revision before the exam's day come. Well, this is my dream day target for my end year's examination result. Konon lah kan. But, Amin and InsyAllah :) 

Subject -------------------- Grade

Bahasa Melayu                    A+
English                                A+
History                                A
Mathematics                       B
PAI                                      A
Additional Mathematics      C
Physic                                  C
Chemistry                            B
Biology                                A

Bahaha, my dream day result is so hilarious. Doncha? 

I've got to go now. Hungry =___= Meet you soon!

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