Anda mampu mengubahnya...
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Assalamualaikum readers...

Today is a exhausted day. I woke up on 9 am after I heard my father was yelling to awake me.. My Ceramah KPP (Kurikulum Pendidikan Pemandu) will start on 10 am. And yes, I am very late. 

I arrived there on 09: 58 am. It was so close. My tutor watched me from up and down. I was.. "wth with my dress..". Then I realized, I wore slipper hahaha. I entered the class. All people were looking at me. Oh God, why were they looking at me like I am a freakin' alien. 

I listened the ceramah with my sleepy eyes. My new friend named Christie was accompany me during the session. Actually, I didn't get anything from the projector because I left my spectacle at home (actually it was lost). And the chairman talked about how to dress. Oh yeah man, I knew I wore slipper. And it is the end of the world for you. Pfffffft.

After a break with my schoolmate, Fatin, my ex boyfriend's girlfriend, Tasha, had a nice chit chat with me. We were talking about SPM, future study, Ejam and her 'honey' hahaha. It was a funny moment.. for me. Tasha is getting prettier than usual hehe.

The chairman talking about car accident and fell off to river or etc. "Kalau kemalangan kereta then terjunam pergi sungai.. Kamu mesti keluar dari itu kereta. Kasi pecah cermin depan kereta pakai benda besi. Macam tukul.." Then I said, "Kapak..." And the whole people were laughing at me. 

"Kau bawa kapak masuk kereta? Kalau ada roadblock macam mana lai tu? Terkejut itu polis tengok cewek bawa kapak dalam kereta.." The chairman said to me. I just replied it with a smile. On 03:15 pm the ceramah come to an end. Thank god! After a bored five hours, I can step out from the class. The chairman said, "Kamu boleh keluar sekarang. Tapi ingat! Jangan dulu kamu pulang sebelum 03:35.. nanti kamu tidak dapat sijil KPP. Jangan pulang awal. Ingat.. Jangan...." Then i answered, "Jangan bising..." once more, the people laughing at me. I was like... WHY?! The chairman said it was okey to bising or what so ever. But don't get home to soon. 

Okay, I might be lurus bendul hahaha. 

Facebook and WeChat are getting bored. I rarely update status now. Tonight I will be going to a wedding ceremony at Kg Baru Kimanis. I am tired but I am excited to walk around, hehe k bye. 

Sorry for my grammatical errors.. xoxo