Yo what's up?
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Assalamualaikum everyone. 

It's have been ages since I last updated my blog. I've been busy with my SPM examination. Right now, I am free! /yipeee/ No more homework, no more Kokum, no more punishment. It's feel like paradise /hehe/

I've experienced a heartbreak today. Yes, today. With my Crush. Mohd Sabri. For 7 months since 19 April 2013, we were crushing on each other. Why? Why? Why? After I thought he will be the one (future husband), this damn-shit problem happened. We are separated now /isk isk/

He is the perfect guy. He is kind, tall, muscular body, intelligent, good looking, and everything that I want for my soul mate is in him. But... Ergh. We are not for each other, I guess =__=

SPM is over. Now, I am busy with my driving license. Trying to find a part-time job, but I know my parents will never ever allow me /cis/. Eh, PLKN. I want to join it so badass but I didn't chosen. Poor me.

I have no idea to write something here. So, that's all for now.

Bye xx