It's getting worse.
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"Airmata yang berderai, siapa yang menghapuskan? Hati kering dan gersang, siapa yang meneduhkan. Sedangkan kau yang ku sayang, telah pergi dariku. Dengan cinta dan harapan hidupku, oh sayang"

Today, it's been 2 days we have a break up. Actually we didn't break up cause we never couple before. Doesn't it damn full? Huh. I just wish that you will never contact me again. Why? I don't want my eyes tearing out.

Please, don't even text me. I missed our relation. Please, never call me. I missed your laugh. It's really stressed me out. Congratulation, you can acting fake in Facebook. Through the phone? You keep saying "are you still love me?" "are you mad at me?" "sorry." 

Dear, I'm sorry if I ever hurting you. I just don't want into you again. 2 times dear, 2 times you make me like this. Can I accept your apologise again? Yeah maybe, back to my heart? No. It takes for a long time for fix this broken heart dear.

I know you can live better well without me. Yeah, maybe you will missing me. I may it too. But we can forget it buy doing some acivities that make we forget about us right? You have another relation now, you don't know it kill my heart by stabbing our love. Don't cha think it twice dear?

Yeah baby, I miss you damn much. I love you so much. Ops, that love? I think day by day, it's have decrease. But never mind, you said "we are friend, right?" what a funny joke. I never being friend with my ex-boyfriend. Yeah, maybe we can be friend, but we will never ever close like us before.

I hope you gonna be happy without me, I know you can. Sorry for everything, I know my love isn't good enaugh and your patientness is not enaugh for me. 

Mohd Faizal Rozaman, can you do two things for me after reading this entry? Listen to Rolling in the deep, Jar of heart, I need a doctor. Second things, please be like you was.