✪ I've changed.
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Yahoo! New template from Blogskin. Thanks to Nurazizah II cause helping me renovate my blog. This December, I will receive my slip PMR result. Fuhh! I am so excited to view my result. If I got 5A my father will buy Sony Ericsson Aino for me while my mother will give me Nikon D300 if I got 6A above. InsyaAllah, I have try my best. 

Yesterday was the last day of school. I didn't went to school because I am so lazy and my mother wanted me to cook for kenduri. For my first time, I cook for ahli jemaah surau. Simple, I just cooked Ayam masak rendang, bebola ikan masak sos cili. Yoo! I just cooked it with love, I know it is tasty. Miahahaha. It was a sad day for yesterday. My twin - Omar Radzhar, my bodyguard - Mohd Firdaus Roslan, my partner - Mohd Firdaus Hamdan came to my house. They said "we missed you, Zhy!" what a touching moment for me. They said they're hungry luckily I have cooked Ayam masak kicap just for them. They said it was delicious. Thanks God. Then, my brothers came without I knew, Mohd Shahnizam and Mohd Shahrill. Poorly, they didn't came to my house, they said they're shy. After about 2 hours, they went home. Omar snap my guitar and I. He said next year we will no longer together. Sad :(

Mohd Faizal Rozaman, sorry for hurting you. He said I've changed. It kill my feelings after you said to me like that. Please, accept me for who I am today, not yesterday. I'm not there anymore. Darling, trust me. This love increase day to day, it won't change.

By the way, good luck to all SPM candidates 2011 especially for my senior at SMK Bongawan II.