✪ A truth to reveal
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Last night, my buddy, Effy and I went to Greyson Chance's showcase. We were late because of traffic jam! Actually I don't want to go, but I've already got the tickets. Firstly, there's so many people over there! Yeap, his voice pretty good and baby face also. But but but! I only watch the showcase by slide. Hoho! Damn. I only watch his showcase for only 5 MINUTES! it's bored and noisy. I can't hear what he sang about. All girls shouting 'WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH!' really? pfft. It's really really annoying.

I'm really really regret that I choosed Greyson Chance's showcase than Harimau Muda's team. Fuh! If I know that showcase is bored, I definitely watching this tournament at home. By the way, congratulation to Harimau Muda's team because won the game against Garuda's team. I'm very proud of 'em. But but but! I'm sad cause my handsomest scandal, Wan ZaharulNizam was injured hoho. Get well soon my baby *wekk!.

Next sad story, my heart Ejal is on the way to his hometown just now. A few minutes ago, he called me. He said 'orang mahu jalan sudah sayang..' My eyes watery. He don't know that I'm crying isk. 'baik-baik sana, nanti jangan mengurat FA, jangan tengok bontot dia' He's just laughing when I said like that. Oh heart, please take care of yourself. I know we gonna rarely calling or messaging. I gonna miss you so much.