It's Last January
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Hello everyone! Sorry for longer no update. It's been like 3 days I didn't visit my blog. I don't have time to surfing internet. How are you everyone? I hope you'll okay like everybody want. There's no story for today. I'm just miss to typing something in this blog. I wish I could online any time I want. Huh...

January, no special story. Tomorrow is February. 

1st February, me and him, Ejal will celebrated our third monthiversary. Even we never met, we will always together like other nearest couple. God, I'm begging to you. Please make our relationship never last. I know it's quite rough for us this month. I just wish, I could change to goodness in February tomorrow. I don't want Ejal mad to me, or else. 

February 8, maybe my mother gonna sit for operation. I'm just pray everything gonna be just fine. She's got thyroid at her left neck. Could be, I will postponed my tuition for this month. Oh, save my mom from any danger, God.

February 14, a special day for all couples in the world. It's a day, to date, romance and else. I wish I could do with Ejal. Long distance relationship like us, you've to patient, honest, trust and love a lot! Never mind, like I said, every day is valentine. Hehe..

February 22, it's my idol birth date. Happy 16th Birthday to Lettha! Haha.. Look like you 8 months 2 days old than me. I hope you'll be beauty like always, naughty like always, and popular more than always. Hehe.. Wish you all luck whenever you do.

February 24. It's my oldest sister birth date. Happy Old Day to you. Bahaha! Wish you gonna health, wealth and young like now. Heheh.. 

That's all for today. HOMEWORK, be nice to me!

Hugs, Zhyzhy

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